aqua - ICT for water efficiency@qua is a Thematic Network under the CIP-ICT PSP Programme of the European Commission. The ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) aims at stimulating innovation and competitiveness through the wider uptake and best use of ICT by citizens, governments and businesses, particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.  The approach is based on leveraging innovation in response to growing societal demands. (Read more...)

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  • @qua is co-hosting the first International Conference on Smart Water Grid in Incheon, Korea from 12 to 14th of November. Details on teh conference are available at:
  • @qua final conference is taking place in Munich, on 14th of October during ESRI EMEA Conference: Munich Conference Center 10:00 to 18:00 / Room “Starnberger See”. Details on the ESRI Conference can be found at:


The aim of the @qua Network is to promote the uptake of ICT solutions in order to address the fundamental problems of efficiency, faced by public and private services of the water management domain in providing information related to implementation and uses of ICT solutions. By supporting a shared vision for streamlining current information and reporting the needs and gaps of ICT solutions in the water domain and promoting the adoption of interoperable solutions based on the concept of level of sharing, the @qua network addresses the aim at EU level to promote ICT solutions for water efficiency. (Read more..)

Activities and outcomes

The @qua network addresses the aim at the EU level to create a shared vision on ICT for water efficiency and will provide a coherent roadmap for the consolidation of existing good practices and the development of innovative ICT solutions. The roadmap will include customization of existing ICT solutions, R&D actions to develop in order to address priorities in the water services, implementation and deployment agenda for innovative ICT solutions. (Read more..)


The 17 participants of the @qua consortium, from 10 EU countries will bring forth the expertise, knowledge and awareness from various domains as required to meet the aims and objectives of 1.2 ICT for water efficiency. (Read more..)


The expected impact of the @qua network is the creation of a collaborative framework, at the EU level, for sharing, defining and validating interoperability, standards and architecture for ICT solutions in the water domain. The network will develop the key concept of “level of sharing” and elaborate through broad stakeholders’ consultation, guidelines on ICT for water efficiency management. (Read more..)


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On the News!

After participating in the 2nd @qua Workshop, our seminar was published by the Times of Malta. Please read the article.


Under the Life + Water and Energy Project our partner Waterwise will present the free event "Combining Water and Energy Efficiency" next 22nd of September in Brussels. For registering or participating online please check the event site.  


The purpose of the Experts Consultation of 11/06/2010 was to discuss research needs in the domain of  ICT for water resources management. Some of our partners have participated in this meeting.

If you would like to contribute to the discussion, please write to

A second expert consultation tooks place 31 January 2013 in the perspective of the Digital Agenda for Europe. All documents and presentations are available at: